Back from Abroad!

I returned from my trip to India last week and had so many incredible experiences to look back on! I spent a day working with children in an Ashram, walked through slums to learn about business and rode camels through the desert. Aside from all of these wonderful adventures, I was able to spend time learning about companies in a foreign market and environment, and was able to learn about how they operated. My favorite place my group visited was either Kabinin or Jodhpur. In Kabini I got to spend 12 hours on jungle safaris, and we saw an abundance of animals, like a wild elephant and a leopard! In Jodhpur we walked through open-air markets and spent 4 hours just in one shop, looking at hand-stitched bedspreads and blankets! Undoubtedly, India was every bit the experience I was looking for, and then some!



Hi, I’m Megan, a Walton College Marketing a Supply Chain Management Major! I’m heading to India for theĀ U of A Faculty-Led International Business Seminar in India over Management Practices and Daily Life. I’ll be in country for 28 days! When I first heard about this program as a Freshman, the destinations sounded amazing. However, I was truly hooked by the promise that a month in India would challenge how I thought and functioned in my daily life upon return to the U.S.. I hope this program will prove to be an invaluable experience in my educational career and a tool while employed in the future. There’s nothing quite like traveling to another country to give your mind and ideas a fresh and competitive edge. I am thankful to receive the Center for Retailing Excellence (CRE) Study Abroad Scholarship by the Sam M. Walton College of Business for this trip. Now off to India!